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Drenamin : America's Multivitamin

Its stressful in the United States of America these days. I live in Eugene, Oregon and we just went through two weeks of the most hazardous air in the world due to the close proximity of the Holiday Farm Forest Fire. It was tough. It was scary. And it wore us out. What got worn out ? Our adrenal glands of course. The stress and particularly the fear cause the adrenals to overwork and when overworked they don't function at peak performance. We when we need that little kick of cortisol or adrenaline the full dose isn't there.

Well, Drenamin to the rescue. Drenamin is Standard Process' nutritional product customized to nourish, recharge and rebuild your adrenal glands. It is a unique blend of glandulars and whole food vitamins and minerals. There is nothing like it. When you take a whole food vitamin by Standard Process your body sees it as real food and utilizes it much better than industrial vitamin.

Drenamin is America's multivitamin because so many of us are worn out from overworking, over-worrying, over-stressed. Taking Drenamin will help us rebuild and face the next day with more energy and more resilience. Don't wear out ! Keep those adrenals in shape with Drenamin !

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